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The name Wilburn has been a part of the music industry for several years.  It seems as though when you mention this family, people recognize that you are talking about music.  Not just any music, but Gospel Music, that is sang from the heart.


Jonathan Wilburn has taken the stage with his family The Wilburns and Gold City Quartet.  His tenure in Gospel music has brought him close to the heart of people from all ages.  Jonathan states “Gospel Music is my way of telling people what Jesus means to me.”  You will definitely understand what he is talking about the moment you have the experience of watching this seasoned veteran perform.  It seems as though the fans agree, for Jonathan has been nominated and voted America’s #1 lead vocalist five times by the subscribers of The Singing News magazine. 

“My goal was never set on winning any award.  I just wanted to sing and pray God would use my efforts to bring a little joy to somebody.”  His singing started at a young age sitting beside his mother in church.  Jonathan says “My greatest influence in singing was my mom (Elaine Wilburn).”  “She sings alto like nobody else.”  After a long and fruitful time with his family group Jonathan became part of one of the most award winning Gospel groups of all time “Gold City Quartet.”  During his tenure of over 12 years this group experienced continued success with Jonathan as the group’s lead vocalist.  Tim Riley says this about Jonathan, “He is a Spirit-filled singer with great energy on stage and I would recommend Jonathan for any church or promoter.”